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Broadband, ADSL, Fibre

What is broadband

Broadband, ADSL, Fibre is a relatively new technology that will change the way you use the Internet forever. It uses the same telephone wires that you currently use so there is no need to "hard wire" a new connection. You can still use your telephone whilst using the Internet and you will not pay for new line rental as there is no need to install a new line.


I want broadband

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Broadband Prices

Equipment Prices

Benifits of broadband
  • Higher Speed Internet Access: Up to 40 times the data speed of a fast 56 Kbps modem connection.
  • Instant Connection: One click and you are online. No more waiting to establish a connection. No more call charges. No more call drop outs or noise on the line.
  • VPN: Home workers can now have fast secure access to office servers using Virtual Private Networks opening up vast possibilities.
  • Simultaneous Voice and Data Connections Over the Same Line: ADSL users can make voice calls and access real-time stock quotes on the Internet simultaneously or send a FAX while browsing the world wide web. There is no need for a second line.
  • More Security: ADSL provides a permanent, dedicated connection. Its dedicated to you and no one else, resulting in better security.
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