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Prestige 630 Series

ZyXEL's Prestige 630 series USB Modem makes ADSL easier than ever. With truly Plug-and-Play installation, this high-performance ADSL modem is easily installed on computers or notebooks without opening the computer or adding network interface cards (NICs). By employing a Plug-and-Play Universal Serial BUS (USB) interface, high- bandwidth access is achieved almost instantly with throughputs greater than ever. High- bandwidth applications such as stock trading, interactive gaming, streaming video and real-time audio are virtually instantaneous. Powerful downstream rates of up to 8Mbps make the Prestige 630 series perfect for speed craving Internet surfers. ZyXEL provides flexible chipset solutions to ensure maximum interoperability with major DSLAM.


- Annex A, Annex B, Annex C support
- USB powered; an external power supply is not required
- Compliant with Universal Serial Bus specification 1.1
- ANSI T1.413 Issue 2; G.dmt (G.992.1); G.lite (G992.2) support
- Support speeds of up to 8Mbps downstream and 832Kbps (Prestige 630-11) or 1024Kbps(Prestige 630-41) upstream
- Auto-negotiating rate adaptation
- Multi-protocol over AAL5 (RFC1483)
- PPP over ATM AAL5 (RFC2364)
- PPP over Ethernet ( PPPoE, RFC 2516)
- Software upgradeable
- Win98 SE, WinME and Win2000, Win XP support
* Optional

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